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Magnify Discovery Lab trains TV, film and web content producers, creators and broadcasters to build audiences online.

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Social media, online advertising, influencer campaigns… the digital marketing tools for connecting your content with online audiences are familiar to most producers. Less known are the quirks, culture and conventions of each platform to keep in mind when creating content to engage audiences online. This live webinar covers tips and best practices on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter including:
  • Customizing images and videos that will drive discoverability and engagement on each platform
  • Budgeting and planning ahead for online asset creation
  • Spotting opportunities to build marketing assets during production - instead of leaving it until it's too late
At the end of the webinar, you'll get a cheat sheet that covers the key points.


Applying for Telefilm Talent To Watch funding? Unsure how to approach the digital strategy, social media, and distribution requirements?  This 2 x 2 hour virutal workshop series is for you!

Talent To Watch

Learn new techniques for growing audiences around your factual series, assess your project’s commercial viability, and create a solid marketing strategy to turn your viewers into ambassadors. You’ll learn best practices from experienced producers through easy-to-follow online video lessons and live weekly webinars.

This 8-week intensive online training is for mid to senior level factual producers.

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Set your documentary project up for success with this 8-week intensive online training. Discover how to locate your potential audience online, assess your documentary’s commercial viability, and develop a solid marketing strategy to turn viewers into mega fans. You’ll learn documentary-specific best practices from experienced producers through easy-to-follow online video lessons and live weekly webinars.

Perfect for mid to senior level documentary producers.

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We have structured this course to help you create a deep-dive assessment, and a powerful audience-building strategy for your project. The one-on-one format will allow you to get personalized attention for your project, and each session will be loaded with case studies, best practices, and tips for building audience development strategies that deliver measurable results.


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