Talent To Watch Webinar

Calling all filmmakers!  Learn how to master the marketing requirements of the Talent To Watch funding application.

Loaded with free tools, tips, and case studies, this two-part virtual workshop (2 x 2 hours) shows you how to build digital marketing strategies that address the specific requirements of the Telefilm Talent To Watch application, including:

  • a clearly defined  target audience
  • ideas on reaching and engaging the target audience through a digital marketing and social media strategy
  • a one-page promotion and distribution strategy

March 27:  Part 1 – Finding Your Target Audience
March 28:  Part 2 – Strategy and Distribution
9.30am – 11.30am PST

April 3:  Part 1 -Finding Your Target Audience
April 4:  Part 2 – Strategy and Distribution
9.30am-11.30am PST

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$199 USD

Meet your trainers

We’ve been in your shoes…

Magnify Digital is a boutique agency specializing in online marketing strategy, training, and online advertising for the screen media industry. Our mission is to help creators, producers, funders, broadcasters and distributors develop new ways of working together to make content more discoverable, globally.

Magnify Discovery Lab courses have been created by content producers with 25+ years’ experience producing award-winning content. We’ve earned our stripes. We’ve sat across from broadcasters and distributors, negotiated international deals, and run the funding gauntlet multiple times. 

As content producers, we get your challenges.

But as digital strategists, we’ve been watching the content landscape evolve, and we’re excited by the endless opportunities to help you build larger, more engaged audiences online.

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