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This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about MDL, contact us at

What types of online courses are available?

MDL offers individual virtual workshops on specific topics as well as multiple session programs and master classes. Our eLearning platform allows you to interact with the trainers and ask questions via live chat and email. It is also possible to purchase additional one-on-one consulting time with our team. The master class is packed with tips and tools, a worksheet and how-to videos that you can access for up to one year after purchase.


Who can benefit from the MDL online courses?

MDL courses are designed for media industry professionals including film, television and web content creators. Our courses are beneficial for producers, directors, production managers, co-ordinators, and other personnel tasked with creating strategies and assets to engage audiences and drive discoverability.


Are the MDL online courses genre specific?

Some workshops are tailored to specific genre (e.g. scripted, factual/documentary, feature film, animation) while others incorporate a wide range of data and case studies that apply to all types of content.


What sort of certificate will I get?

MDL provides a certificate of completion once participants have attended and completed the requirements of the discoverability master class sessions.


How do I log into a virtual workshop?

Once you are registered for a workshop, go to “My Profile”. The link to the virtual workshop will be activated at the time indicated. Click “Join Now” and you will be redirected. Ensure your computer speakers are on.


I cannot attend the virtual workshop at the scheduled time. Can I access it at a later time?

Registered users get a one-time access to their live workshop. If a later date is available, the user can make a request to If you miss a virtual workshop part of a master class, it is possible to catch up via a downloadable cheat sheet and how to videos available on the platform.


At what time is the virtual workshop, e.g. what time zone?

All courses run on Pacific Standard Time (PST) which is UTC-8.


Does the price of workshops and courses include taxes?

We only charge taxes within Canada. A tax percentage will be applied according to your Province or Territory.


What kind of technology will I need?

MDL courses are browser based. There is nothing to download. A reasonable speed Internet connection and laptop or computer are required. We suggest using a device with a screen size that is suitably large for reading text.


Can I customize the courses?

If you are interested in a customized course for your production team or organization, please contact us at



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