Meet the Trainers

MDL trainers practice what they preach. Our team actively serves clients on our agency side, meaning our trainers are up to date, savvy practitioners who keep their skills sharp working on both micro- and mega-budget productions. Our motto is that if you can’t do, you can’t teach.

We also “do” content creation. It’s in our DNA. Magnify Discovery Lab courses have been created by content producers with 25+ years’ experience producing award-winning content. We’ve earned our stripes. We’ve sat across from broadcasters and distributors, negotiated international deals, and run the funding gauntlet multiple times.

AS CONTENT PRODUCERS, WE GET YOUR CHALLENGES. And as digital strategists, we’ve been watching the content landscape evolve, and we’re excited by the endless opportunities to help you build larger, more engaged audiences online.

Since 2010, we’ve been training media types from Toronto to LA, for clients including the Canadian Film Centre (CFC), Canadian Media Producer’s Association (CMPA), Whistler Film Festival, TELUS StoryHive, Edmonton Creates, Bell Fund, Canada-California Business summit and countless North American production companies.

Our team of trainers is bound by a common mission — to help creators, producers, funders, broadcasters and distributors develop new ways of working together to make content more discoverable, globally.







A thought leader in audience engagement strategy, metrics and convergent content, Moyra spent years producing award-winning prime time programming for every major Canadian network. Blazing the discoverability trail, Moyra developed ALERT – an innovative formula which arms content creators with the tools needed to attract and nurture audiences online. ALERT remains at the heart of MDL courses.







Owen’s transition to digital marketing from journalism was born of a fascination with data-inspired content strategies. After a long stint working in Ireland’s top content marketing agency, Owen took up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work as digital coordinator with the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. A TV, music and film fanatic, Owen is delighted to utilize this passion to help clients conquer their biggest business challenges.

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