Building Assets and Audiences on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

Calling all factual and documentary content creators — learn how to make your show or series discoverable online!

What you'll learn:

In this fast paced, two-hour workshop, attendees will learn how to make content bubble up to the surface on three of social media’s most popular platforms. Not sure how long your videos should be? Whether to shoot horizontal or vertical? How to create a sound off strategy? Measure success? Then this jargon-free, no-such-thing-as-a-stupid question workshop is for you!
  • 1 X 2 hour webinar, access via simple link, nothing to download

    • Senior production executives wanting to understand online asset creation.
    • Production managers tasked with budgeting and scheduling asset creation
    • Mid-level production personnel tasked with creating assets and implementing audience building strategies

    Date : 26 December 2017 (PST) Time : 04:00 PM (PST) $15 USD

Meet your trainers

We’ve been in your shoes…

Magnify Digital is a boutique agency specializing in online marketing strategy, training, and online advertising for the screen media industry. Our mission is to help creators, producers, funders, broadcasters and distributors develop new ways of working together to make content more discoverable, globally.

Magnify Discovery Lab courses have been created by content producers with 25+ years’ experience producing award-winning content. We’ve earned our stripes. We’ve sat across from broadcasters and distributors, negotiated international deals, and run the funding gauntlet multiple times. 

As content producers, we get your challenges.

But as digital strategists, we’ve been watching the content landscape evolve, and we’re excited by the endless opportunities to help you build larger, more engaged audiences online.

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